Game in Peace (GIP)

A movement for a better life, starting in game.

Game in Peace is a movement by gamers, for anyone.
It's not a company or organization. There are no owners or staff.
There may be websites (like this one), social media accounts, merchandise, etc...,
but those are just one or more individuals' (ambassadors) contributions to or involvement in the movement.
The movement belongs to the people and its existence persists in our actions.
You can be an advocate of the movement simply by seeking to improve your own attitude in game.
If that is your only contribution, you may be suprised how much of a difference that can make in your life and the lives of others.

Some simple ways to show your involvement include tagging up GIP or GIPgg when you're feelin' it
or starting a match off here and there with a "gl hf & gip" in chat.